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"Dieu a fait l'univers. l'Inde a fait tout le reste!" Translation: God made the universe. India made everything else!
-A French Saying

Just as different rivers fall into one ocean same way all paths lead to me
-Lord Krishna in Mahabharat

The character must be protected by all means. The wealth comes and goes. If the character goes down then it never comes back.
-An Indian/Sanskrit Mantra

Only truth wins and not the untruth
-Mundak Upnishad (At least 32, 000 BC old)
Yahoo Question: Which is the greatest civilization in the world?
Science: Mathematics
Science: Speed of Light
Science: Medicine
Science: Astronomy
Science: Indian Calendar
Science: Stainless Steel Pillar in BC
Science: Nanotechnology
Science: Oil Paintings
Society:Four Aashrams
History:Myth of Aryan Invasion
History:12000 years old horse rock painings in India
Bhagvadgita (Then who am I, if I am not a body?)
Philosophy:Vedic Encylopedia
Philosophy:Ahinsa (Non-violence)
Religion:What is Hinduism ?
Festivals:Indian Festivals
Philosophy:Ok, Who Am I ?
1. Human Architecture
2. Relationship with Universes
Philosophy:Origin Of Universe
Social Problem:Casteism
Society:Varna Vyavastha-Caste System
History:The Rigveda :
A Historical Analysis
History:Indian Aboriginal People :
Demise of Malicious fictional
Aryan Invasion Theory
History:Dating Mahabharat
Language:Quotable quotes in
Sanskrit/Hindi/English Language
from Indian Culture
Science: Astronomy and Mahabharat
Science:Physics, Chemistry ...
Space Technology:Ancient India
Space Technology:Modern India
Missile Technology:
Atomic/Missile War and Ancient India
Music:Indian Classical Music
Dance:Indian Classical Dance
Food:Indian Recipies
Food: Chai
Food: Origin of Chai
Culture:Why does a Hindu not eat beef?
Religion:Krishn Art Gallery
Krishn Art Gallery

Modern India:More on Current India ?

Great Indian Personalities
Amar Chitra Katha
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