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"India was the mother of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages. She was the mother of our philosophy, mother through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics, mother through Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity, mother through village communities of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all."

- Will Durant

"If there is one place on the face of this Earth "where all the dreams of living men have found a home "from the very earliest days when Man began the dream of"existence, it is India."

- Romain Rolland - French Philosopher 1886-1944

It is opposed to their (Hindus) foreign origin, that neither in the Code (of Manu) nor, I believe, in the Vedas, nor in any book that is certainly older than the code, is there any allusion to a prior residence or to a knowledge of more than the name of any country out of India. Even mythology goes no further than the Himalayan chain, in which is fixed the habitation of the gods... .To say that it spread from a central point is an unwarranted assumption, and even to analogy; for, emigration and civilization have not spread in a circle, but from east to west. Where, also, could the central point be, from which a language could spread over India, Greece, and Italy and yet leave Chaldea, Syria and Arabia untouched? There is no reason whatever for thinking that the Hindus ever inhabited any country but their present one, and as little for denying that they may have done so before the earliest trace of their records or tradition.

- 1841 M.S. Elphinstone, the first governor of the Bombay Presidency

History Of Ancient India

Thanks for being my guest. You are going to read about the history of a country which is at least 32, 000 years old as per archaeology and at least 100, 000 years old by hindu beliefs.





32, 000 years old Lord Krishna's Dwarka city found in India in year 2001 by marine archaeologists. It is near same spot where Hindu history texts Purans have been telling. It is older than its own Mohanjodoro and Harappa.
The Indian department of Archeology in year 2013 has found 12, 000 years old rock paining known as "Shankha Lipi". It is found near the border of states Maharastra and Madha Pradesh in Batool city in Satupura mountain range. This paing is depicting horses. Horses rferences are commonly found in Vedah, Mahbharath and in Ramayana.
The Indian department of Archeology in year 2013 has found 12, 000 years old rock paining known as "Shankha Lipi". It is found near the border of states Maharastra and Madha Pradesh in Batool city in Satupura mountain range. This paing is depicting horses. Horses rferences are commonly found in Vedah, Mahbharath and in Ramayana.
Seal #33 , Mohenjo-daro.

Square seal depicting a nude male deity with three faces(tri-murti, Brahama god), seated in yogic position on a throne, wearing bangles on both arms and an elaborate headdress. Five symbols of the Indus script appear on either side of the headdress which is made of two outward projecting buffalo style curved horns, with two upward projecting points. A single branch with three pipal (hindu/bhartiya pious tree) leaves rises from the middle of the headdress. Seven bangles are depicted on the left arm and six on the right, with the hands resting on the knees. The heels are pressed together under the groin and the feet project beyond the edge of the throne. The feet of the throne are carved with the hoof of a bovine as is seen on the bull and unicorn seals. The seal may not have been fired, but the stone is very hard. A grooved and perforated boss is present on the back of the seal. Material: tan steatite Dimensions: 2.65 x 2.7 cm, 0.83 to 0.86 thickness Mohenjo-daro, DK 12050 Islamabad Museum, NMP 50.296 Mackay 1938: 335, pl. LXXXVII, 222

27. Bull seal, Harappa. (Bull with hump is considered auspicious by Hindus)

India that is Bharat was ruled by Britishers right from the Re-naissance period of the Europe till 1947. All ancient advancements of this country were initially ignored firstly because of our mental incapability to perceive those advancements and secondly as the political and racial needs of the european authors' told them to demoralise this country (We are talking about 17th centuary).

They shamelessly (also amusingly) tried to prove that Indians were not aboriginal. Though the term "Arya" is a Sanskrit language term (It means dear and civilized), and in no way refers to a race, they brought a fictitious race called "Aryan" into existence. Vedah tells that violent foreigners wanted to rule India. Bhartiyas (Vedic people) were attacked by violent people but these violent invaders were foreigners but these author gave it a name on purpose. These invaders "XYZ" or "Aryan" were attckers on Vedic people. But they could not destroy Vedah and Vedic culture which suggests that these foreigners either got defeated and absorbed or ran away. Indigenous Indians survived their culture survived.

These authors gave an Indian name "Aryan" to these plunderers to insult Indians. They could give a name "XYZ" but with mal-intention and racial background they picked "Aryan" name for these invaders. Who could stop those authors to write such manipulations, they were the rulers of the world. And they were living in a society where Galileo was punished just for telling the truth and they had racial and religious constraints. Even today after around 2500 years of Buddha in U.S.A religious bigots manage to get power. They tried their best and succeeded in putting indian history in the time frame no later than that of classical roots of Europian civilisation. As I said earlier they were the rulers of the world. No body was there to stop them from manipulations.

Max Muler, the self/west-proclaimed Sanskritist was nothing but a German racist, who brought up this ficational Aryan race. I feel amused on his Sanskrit knowledge that led him to bring up a fictional Aryan race. That is what will happen if a 5th grade student will try to explain a PHD thesis. Indians struggling for their freedom from British oppression thought him as a friend but did not notice that he was giving poison in the drink. . In a letter to his wife in 1886 he wrote: "The translation of the Veda will hereafter tell to a great extent on the fate of India and on the growth of millions of souls in that country. It is the root of their religion, and to show them what the root is, I feel sure, is the only way of uprooting all that has sprung from it during the last 3,000 years." This shows his motive.

India was center of richness in science, education, culture, language and wealth during the time of Buddha, before that and till 16th century. Foreigners called it a bird of gold during Buddha’s time. Students used to visit India from foreign to study in universities like Taksh-shila and in gurukuls. When Taksh-shila was destroyed and burnt by barbarian Turks then books kept burning for months. Home name of India is Bharat or Aaryavart. It affected people and countries in east and west by its culture and science. Latin language imported alphabets and technical words from India. They were so influenced that they named a place Ireland or Aarya-land. It was natural as foreign students might have mixed Indian words in their homelands or some Indian guru might have moved their and put the name in memory of India. The similar thing happens when people go to new places. That is why we see places like New Mexico, New England and Madras in USA. You might have noted that West-Indies and USA were discoved in search for India the wonderland, the golden bird.

The genetic tests of Indian genes also prove the non existent of the "fictional" Aryan Race. Please read Genetic Tests speaking against the fictional Aryan Race" . And this is obvious because these invaders were foreigners they could not destroy Vedic Indians, they could destroy Mohanjodero, Gandhar but it does not mean that they could wipe out peace loving Indians, or its Vedah (knowleadge) or its culture, which was spread from Gandhar (Kandhar) till Indonesia and Japan. These attacks had only minor effects when we see the large area of Indian Culture. Indians always got united to fight these invaders. Sanskrit has always been aboriginal language of India. The scripts could be differents from place to place. Because India was the center of wealth and spirituality the day today words and technical words got exported to Arab, Europe and other parts of the world. I am sorry to say this but Europeans were no where when Indians had City Civilization, we could only find them in caves. The invaders whether XYZ ("so called Aryans"), or Turks or unknown always wanted to destroy Indian Culture, language (Sanskrit) and Vedah, and they never succeeded. They had same effect what barking of a dog has on an elephant.

Thanks to the yearning of the human race for the truth, because of that we are rewriting the Indian History.

When we go through the Vedah we see the purity of the heart, advancemnet of the philosophy, language,science and culture. If we read Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puran you are amazed by the culture and scientific advancements. Vedah emphasize on the Nonviolence. Only a highly advanced culture can do that.

Puran is a Sanskrit word it means "the old". In Ancient India Purans recorded the history. Ancient India had a tradition of remebering the Knowledge. And that is why Veda, Mahabharata scriptures were written in Poems.

Mahabharata discusses the "Diyastra" (advanced weapons). Arjun did not use Diyastra in the war against Kauravs, as he did not considered it fit. It is something similar to not using the Nuclear Weapons in today's world. The "Brahamastra" was similar to our Nuclear weapons of today. Mahabharata then recorded an astronomical event of 12000 BC. Which today's atronomers confirm. No doubt that our scientists of 16th century thought this as myth because of their less advancements but as the time is passing we are understanding the things.

But the Truth always remains. It is our incapability if we can not understand it.

When we see the scientific advancements of that time, it feels like that was the modern world and we have passed that, somehow we lost the knowhow of that time (A Nuclear War could be a possibility as the radioactive content in the skeletons at Mohanjodero suggest) and again we are picking up in technology.

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Note: Here occurred one more problem that was of dating of the Indian history. Mahabharat which is also a historical document and falls under Puran was never treated like that by the West beacause that is the way it was presented to West when it reached to West in 17th century.

Instead of having an open mind, the racial, religious and political compulsion forced the authors of that time to manipulate the Indian history and put this in a time frame no later than roots of the classical Europian civilization.

Here is one more thing to note, the ancient india had the tradition of verbal knowledge base. Vedas, Mahabharat, Ramanaya all were in verbal form. So we can not date the time of their copiling in texts as time of their origin.

Our Ancestors

Some people call our ancestors vedic as they had verbal knowledge base called Vedas. Vedic people were very peace oriented and did not like violence for any thing including meat. Some racist authors like Max Muler amusingly tried to prove that there was a fictional race called "Aryan", which attacked Indians (Bhartiyas). Even if there were such a race called "Aryan" or "XYZ", they failed to destroy vedic people and their culture. Vedah survived and its people survived. Vedic people mention attack from violent people. Attackers either got absorbed by vedic people or they got defeated. "Arya" is a Sanskrit word and it means noble. In no way it refers to a race. In old indian civilization those who were noble and good in their deeds, were addressed as Arya. All Sanskrit literature ( Sanskrit language is so beautiful that it is called the language of gods) is full of such terms of respect. For example, in great compiled historical epic Ramayana, you will find this addressing in conversations at many places. This word was used in addressing in the same way, as we use the word "sir" in english language, to show respect. However racist like Max Muler with their little Sanskrit knowledge and strong racial background tried to invent a race, and with purpose gave it the name "Arya" to insult Bhartiyas (Indians or Hindus, as Arab called us).

The following richa (sookta 42) prayer of Rigveda is one of the interesting ones:

It says the following:

Hey Poosha god, please remove our dukhah (bad times), please destroy our sins. Please be our leader. The violent, theif, gambler people want to rule us, please take them away from us. The people who stop people in way, who loot us and who are cruel take them away from us. You destroy the angry people who encourage Adharma (bad karma). We pray you for our protection. Your protection had helped our ancestors who could develop.

This tells the following:

1) Indians(Bhartiyas) did not like violent people, they were the one who were aboriginal and were attacked by foreigners.

2)In rigvedic time and also earlier than that indians (bhartiyas) were attacked from its west boundaries. And because people who loved vedah survived, obviously tells that such attempts failed. Invaders could not destroy Indians, they could destroy Mohanjodero, Gandhar but it does not mean that they could destroy peace loving Indians, or its Vedah (knowleadge) or its culture, which was spread from Gandhar (Kandhar) till Indonesia and Japan.

3)The same trend continued till Alexander and finally Mohammad of Ghor, who was an invader and plunderer was defeated by Prithviraj Chauhan. Great king Prithviraj spared Mohammad's life , but finally he became victorious in 1192 AD centuary and Bharat became under the rule of people with tiny hearts, who imposed Zazia tax and converted indians to Islam by killing and terrorizing. Current Mulims in India are our brothers/sisters whose/ours ancestors had to suffer first.

An Article on Somnath Temple

Is there any gentle person ?

Is there any gentle person who will fix this mistake and stop Aryan Migration theory which was invented for political, religious and racial reasons. . The native name of India is Aaryavart or Bharatvarsha. Original people of India are Aryans but some racists on purpose called unsuccessful invaders as Aryans. The irony is that mere a theory in air, thrown on purpose, is considered the truth.