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"We owe a lot to Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made."

- - Albert Einstein

Ancient India had aerospace technology.

Space Technology and Ancient India

First of all thank you very much for coming in and being my guest.

There has been sufficient mention of Viman in ancient Indian literature. This is a Sanskrit word, which generically means a space- craft.

In ancient India not only had space crafts it also had missiles and advancened weapons equivalent to modern atomic bomb. The historical epic Mahabharat is full of reference to such advancements. But the tragedy is that when Europe came to know about this, they were in Re-naissance period,and India was not free.

It was beyond imagination to them as such weapons and space-crafts did not exist and modern technology was in its infancy. So they ignored these living proof (ancient historical books). They also ignored the fact- that people passed the information to their next generation that such technology existed).

The undue treatment to Space-craft technolgy of ancient india was not an exception as they did the same treatment to ancient indian mathemetics and so on.

Puran is a Sanskrit word it means "the old". In Ancient India Purans recorded the history. Ancient India had a tradition of remebering the Knowledge. And that is why Veda, Mahabharata, Ramayana were written in Poems.

Mahabharata discusses the "Diyastra" (advanced weapons and missiles). Arjun did not use Diyastra in the war against Kauravs, as he did not considered it fit. It is something similar to not using the Nuclear Weapons in today's world. The "Brahamastra" was similar to our Nuclear weapons of today. Mahabharata then recorded an astronomical event of 12000 BC. Which today's atronomers confirm. No doubt that our scientists of 16th century ignored this because of their less advancements but as the time is passing we are understanding the things.

But the Truth always remains. It is our incapability if we can not understand it.

When we see the scientific advancements of that time, it feels like that was the modern world and we have passed that, somehow we lost the knowhow of that time (A Nuclear War could be a possibility as the radioactive content in the skeletons at Mohanjodero suggest) and again we are picking up in technology.

There are ancient indian books describing methods of making space-crafts. The book titled Vaimanika Shastra is one of them. You will be amazed to read more about Vimana.

In Maharishi Bharadwaja's Vimana Tantra, the following is definition for a Vimana -

"desa desantharam yadath, loka lokantharam thadha, dweepa dweepantharam chaiva, yo ambare ganthu marhasi, sa vimanamithi proktham, kheda sastra vithambaraihi"

Meaning : "from one place to another, one country to another, one island to another, whichever machine fly through the sky is called an aeroplane by those who know Khedasasthram (avionics)".

Also, in his master piece book called "Yantra Sarvaswa", he mentioned 109 types of machines and the 109th was spectro photometer. It was termed by him as "Dwantha pramapaka yanthram".

Here occurred one more problem that was of dating of the Indian history. Mahabharat which is also a historical document and falls under Puran was never treated like that by the West beacause that is the way it was presented to West when it reached to West in 17th century.

Instead of having an open mind, the racial, religious and political compulsion forced the authors of that time to manipulate the Indian history and put this in a time frame no later than roots of the classical Europian civilization.

Here is one more thing to note, the ancient india had the tradition of verbal knowledge base. Vedas, Mahabharat, Ramanaya all were in verbal form. So we can not date the time of their copiling in texts as time of their origin.